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Quick wardrobe updates with Spring/Summer colours and fashion

Three new trends for Spring/Summer 2014 and how to wear them…


Did you know that your style personality determines your best outfits to wear?

And colour analysis of your hair, skintone and eye colours give clues about your best colours to wear?

If you’d like to evolve your style and discover  how to wear you own best colours and dress true to your genuine style personality, then treat yourself to our special packages to rejuvenate your wardrobe for Spring/Summer 2014!

Spring days are here!

Get outdoors – this is a popular time for simply enjoying the fresh air, blue skies and warm sunshine!


Upcoming Spring/Summer fashion trends to watch out for!


We explore three of this season’s new fashion trends:

  • Pastel colours – how to wear them with sophisticated style
  • Iridescence and shiny sequins – how to adopt these into your outfits without looking like a Christmas tree!
  • Mesh tops – how to wear these and still look elegant

As a Personal Colour Stylist, I’ll admit that not all fashion trends suit everybody. Trends come and go quickly, but your personal style should be timeless.


Cheerful yellow Freesia for Spring

Wear cheerful Freesia yellow to brighten your mood!

To keep your outfits looking current, or to help you move out of a common dressing rut of feeling like you’re wearing the same outfits over and over again… it’s fun to take note of the fashion trends as inspiration of how to mix up your wardrobe to keep it fresh and interesting.

Trendy fads like pastels, holographic prints, iridescence and mesh tops may seem a bit too ‘out there’ for real-world everyday wear, or even age inappropriate!

So here are some ideas to suggest how you can adopt elements of these trends and how to wear them with your own outfits.




Nothing speaks of Spring/Summer more than pretty flower blooms and plenty of fresh colour combinations with a dashes of green, gentle lavender blues, tangy orange, and cheerful yellow.

Spring 2014 forecast colours

Pantone’s Spring 2014 forecast colours


The good news is that the current pastels don’t necessarily have to look like kids’ candy floss colours. Team pastel blue with versatile ‘Sand’ beige colour for grown-up, relaxed casual looks.

Placid blue and sandy neutral colour for Spring 2014

Grown-up and relaxed pastel blues paired with sandy beiges and white create a relaxing look.


Or mix unexpected colours like a pretty peach and gentle mints with accents of dazzling blues and yellow to create a more vibrant look!

Peachy blue Spring fashion colours

Mixing peaches and pastel greens, with dazzling blue accents makes these outfits fun and playful!




Need a bit more zing and shine to brighten your life?  A bit (or a lot!) of shiny iridescence in your outfit will instantly capture attention! Wear if you dare to be reflective! Probably better suited for social evenings.

Funky, holographic and iridescent outfits

Funky, holographic and iridescent outfits are a hot fashion trend this Spring!


How to actually wear it stylishly:  For a look that’s more suitable for every day (including day time!) accessorise your usual outfit with a shiny purse, belt or shoes instead!

Or substitute with lots of chunky jewellery bling! Also look for clothing with sequins or shiny metallic threads woven into the fabric for a more subtle approach to this high-shine glamourous look!


How to wear iridescence pieces

How to wear shiny iridescence pieces in your outfit




For most of us, wearing head-to-toe mesh would likely attract weird looks from others. It also seems highly inappropriate and impractical for the office or daily wear.

Mesh fashion trend

Mesh fashion trend – not exactly ‘practical’ every day wear!


How to actually wear it stylishly: Look for lace or mesh-like detailing in garments – like this white cardigan from Marc By Marc Jacobs ( which can be easily layered over coloured camisoles and paired with blue denim jeans for an instantly pretty weekend look. Or if you are a bold and active type of style personality, you may like to wear your mesh tops over a contrasting coloured camisole for an airy, sporty Spring/Summer vibe.

For a super sweet outfit, look for tops with lace-mesh detailing on the back or arms for an unexpected and unique styling element.

For sophistication, a knit-mesh top teamed with a full skirt creates a modern and lady-like look.

Plus, these looks inspired by the mesh trend are definitely more practical for every day wear, and looking gorgeously smart and relaxed!

Pretty in lace or mesh-like detailing

Pretty lace or mesh-like detailing


What do you think of these fashion trends?

Will you embrace some iridescent or mesh elements into your outfits?

Which of the pastel colours suit you the best?


Not sure? Contact us at to book your Personal Colour Discovery session and we’ll help you customise your look to best suit your skintone, hair and eye colours and express YOUR personality!


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