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What to wear? Colours for Autumn/Winter 2013

Stylish colours to keep you cosy and cheerful for the cooler months…

  •  5 alternatives to the typical winter blacks
  • Pick an accent colour to express your fashion mood
Autumn style - anorak with bright floral dress

Get more out of your Summer wardrobe by adding a jacket or anorak for cooler days ahead.


Don’t give in to wearing boring black!

With the end of daylight savings, and days becoming noticeably cooler and darker earlier – it’s time to re-assess your wardrobe for Autumn/Winter.

But don’t despair! This doesn’t mean you have to pack away the bright, vivid colours we’ve enjoyed during Summer/Spring and pull out your typical dreary blacks for the cooler months.

Autumn/Winter 2013 fashion colours are sophisticated, relaxing and equally fun to dress in for the brisker weather!


5 alternatives to boring black


  1. Inky blues like steel blue-greys and deep navy are a smart and easy alternative to black. Layer with other neutrals, or pick an accent colour and see how versatile this colour is!
  2. Cool greys – will smarten up any outfit. Use medium light greys or mysterious moody charcoals to create chic looks for any occasion. Incorporate bold prints to add dimension to your look.
  3. Milky cocoa colours will keep you looking cosy and delicious through the cooler months.
  4. Soft olive and khaki toned neutrals add elegance. A hint of calming green is in! Dress them up or down, with lighter tones for a more relaxed look, and darker tones for a professional look.
  5. Plum tones add sophistication and mystery to any outfit, more than black does any day!
Autumn neutrals

Autumn neutrals - alternatives to dreary black


Don’t forget the colours!

Here are the top Autumn/Winter colours for 2013, as announced by Pantone (the world’s leading colour trend authority). These are the fashion colours you’re likely to see in shops this Autumn/Winter.

Pantone top 10 Autumn/Winter colours 2013

Pantone's top 10 Autumn/Winter fashion colours for 2013


  • Emerald is 2013’s colour of the year – its sparkle fascinates and infers luxury and elegance
  • Mykonos Blue is a strong, yet relaxing ocean blue hinting of the return of sunny days and summer dreams
  • Linden Green is a subtle, yellow-toned light olive which brings a breath of fresh air to the traditionally darker colour palette worn in cooler weather
  • Acai is a rich and mysterious violet that works well as a strong, sumptuous base for combining with other accent colours and neutrals
  • Samba is a bright but refined red which adds warmth, drama and passion to outfits
  • Koi is an energetic statement orange which brings an unexpected cheerfuless when combined with the other more classic colours
  • Deep Lichen Green is a great anchoring colour and is reminiscent of lush zen rainforests
  • Vivacious creates a pop of fun and sensuality with its deep fuchsia colour
  • Turbulence reflects the coolness of winter’s sky with a sophisticated air of elegance
  • Carafe is an exotic, rich brown which heralds of roasted coffee to keep us cosy through the  cooler weather.

Keep your spirits happy and cheerful during the cooler months by adding an accent colour to your outfit.

Your personality and mood also influence how you decide to dress. Do you feel playful, quirky, professional, alluring, earthy, classic, elegant, pretty or sophisticated? Combining different colours into your outfit will convey your mood. Stay posted for our future blog articles on what different colours mean!

Autumn accent colours

Keep Autumn bright and cheerful with these gorgeous accent colours


Your skintone, hair and eye colours are a unique one-of-a-kind combination, so pick a colour combination that flatters you.

If you’re not sure which colours look best for you, or how to combine colours to keep your Autumn/Winter wardrobe looking current, then book a Personal colour discovery consultation and we’ll help you discover  your best colours to reveal your natural radiance for these cooler months!


No more excuses to wear boring black head-to-toe anymore!

Choose a neutral that suits you, and don’t be afraid to match it with some cheerful accent colours to keep your Autumn/Winter outfits looking cosy, fresh and cheerful!

Autumn colours - rich sensuous orange, pops of red and fuschia

Autumn colours - team neturals with rich sensuous orange, or pops of red and fuschia

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