Express your life, your personality, your style, and your personal brand!Colour Soup provides Colour + Styling services for real women who want to feel gorgeous, dress deliciously and live in style!

Being deliciously styled with Colour Soup is about more than looking good on the outside. It’s about that incredible sense of wellbeing and self-discovery that comes from understanding what makes you “you”, and feeling gorgeous from within – not just on special occasions, but everyday!

Our approach…

We won’t impose a style on you; instead we guide you to discover YOUR best wardrobe colours and styles that best flatter your body shape, personality and lifestyle. Learn to mix and match your existing wardrobe and shop even smarter so that you’ll always have outfits you love to wear for any occasion! You’ll FEEL GORGEOUS and DRESS DELICIOUSLY every day!

At Colour Soup, we believe that everyone has natural beauty, and the ability to truly shine. To feel confident, you must be comfortable, and energised by what you wear. We love helping our clients to ditch fashion trends, and instead, dress to express your life, your personality, your style and your personal brand!

Our story…

Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved colour. She was always collecting colourful things – the full rainbow of colour pencils, coloured pens, coloured paper and ribbons, even ALL the paint chips from the local hardware store! She loved them so much, she hung them up as artwork in her room. How bizarre…!

One day, she discovered that there was a purpose to all of this.

Simmy Wong, colour and style consultant Sydney AustraliaColour Soup was founded by Simmy Wong in 2009 to inspire others to enjoy colour in their wardrobe and homes, as well as teaching women to shop smarter and create wearable, flexible wardrobes which make them feel gorgeous. Because we all deserve to feel confident, empowered and beautiful!

Simmy has studied leading personal colour + style analysis techniques from Australia, United Kingdom and the United States, and enjoys working with clients of all ethnicities to reveal their best colours and styles. Simmy has achieved Diplomas in Colour Design and Interior Styling from the International School of Colour and Design; and the Australian Institute of Styling.

Simmy loves seeing the twinkle of joy in her clients’ eyes, when they realize how much more amazing they become dressed in real-life colour and delicious style! Contact Simmy to start your colour + style discovery journey today!

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Our values…

We believe everyone is entitled to discover their very own personal colour story. We believe colour and style should be approachable, convenient, fresh, fun, modern, dynamic, gorgeous and inspiring.

“That is the key… being yourself. Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live.” Gianni Versace (Italian fashion designer, 1946 – 1997)