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Sep 07

How to decide if a white wedding gown vs. coloured wedding gown is for you?

Deciding if you prefer a traditional white wedding gown

If the white wedding gown ‘tradition’ is important to you, then deciding to go with a white wedding gown will make sense.

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The key thing to decide for yourself, is whose opinion matters most, and who are you wearing the dress for?

  • Is it important to you that your wedding dress is a reflection of your personality and the values you stand for, and hence is important to you as an individual?
  • Will the colour of the dress, or how it looks be of key significance to your fiancé?
  • Is it important to you that your family and/or friends see you wearing what they expect to see?
    White gowns are traditional for modern weddings

A few other things to consider before making the choice include:

  • Are you a traditional couple with a traditional family? If so, conventional colours will be suitable – unless you want to make a surprising statement entrance!
  • Where are you getting married? Destination weddings, or outdoor ceremonies suit brighter, colourful gowns which match the theme of the location such as a tropical, or sunny location.
  • Would you regret not wearing a white gown on your big day, as you may not get another chance to wear such an occasional dress?
  • Are you having a religious or civil ceremony? Many church establishments may frown on a bride appearing in unconventional colours!
  • Is the colour significant to you and your fiancé? Does the colour reflect a shared passion for a hobby or memory that would translate into your wedding theme colour as an authentic and personalised colour theme?
  • Is the cost of the dress important? If you’re on a strict budget you will be able to find formal coloured ball gowns at half the cost of a traditional white wedding gown.
  • Ask your fiancé, parents and friends for their thoughts – it can be fun to share ideas, especially if they understand your personality.

Deciding if a coloured wedding gown suits you

If you are primarily dressing to express your individuality, then you can be as bold, colourful and creative as you like, as this will authentically reflect your personality, and your fiance, friends and family will support you.

In choosing a coloured wedding gown, the options are limitless:

  • You can opt for a full single-coloured gown in your favourite colour

    Pink wedding gown

    Pink wedding gown

  • You can choose a dress in multiple colours  – such as different coloured layers or accent detailing
    red floral-print-wedding-dress
    Wedding dress with a gorgeous distinctive punch of colour
  • You can be cheeky and pick a very light colour, which is so light it almost looks white – such as an ethereal blue, pink or sage.

    An ethereal blue gown is so light it looks white

  • You can choose a mix of both, such as a preominantly white dress, incorporating a coloured accent – for example a bow, sash, belt, or other design feature to allow you to add in your desired colour.
Purple and white wedding gown

Purple and white wedding gown


At the end of the day, you will be the one wearing the dress, so decide for yourself what you are comfortable wearing!

You will look amazing whether you wear one of the traditional whites, or decide to step forward in one of your best, favourite colours!

To successfully choose your best white, or coloured gown, we recommend you treat yourself to a Personal colour analysis consultation by a trained personal colour stylist, who will give honest advice, and will accurately determine the best whites and colours for your skintone, hair and eye colour, so that you can truly look radiant on your special day.



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