Whether as your personal colour, wardrobe and image stylist, or wedding colour stylist, our philosophy is to add a dash of colour and plenty of flavour to transform your personal image, wardrobe collection, your wedding day colour theme into something deliciously stylish to represent your true personality.

Who is Colour Soup for?

Anybody who gets dressed

personal image and colour stylists 
A significant majority of people don’t do themselves justice by wearing colours or styles that simply don’t flatter their body shape or reflect their true personality. The wrong colours can make you look tired, unhealthy or un-noteworthy. Wearing the right colour, in a style you are comfortable with, will make you look and feel radiant, healthier and happier!

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Brides and bridal parties

bridal colour schemes, wedding colour stylists
In order to choose the perfect wedding dress or theme, brides must first understand the colours that best suit them. Furthermore, modern brides who want to bless their bridesmaids with dresses they can wear again must absolutely find out what colours and styles suit each bridesmaid, and then unite this harmoniously into the overall wedding theme.

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Why is colour and style important?

Choosing the right colour and style can mean a world of difference between making an ordinary impression vs. an amazingly positive impression. Colours themselves convey subconscious messages, and how you use them can help you create the right impression or create the desired mood.

Did you know that first impressions are formed within 7 seconds, and what you wear tells people how to treat you? Colour itself has a huge impact on how you are perceived.

What do the colours you are wearing now, or surrounding yourself with, say about you?

Our approach

Our concept of being ‘deliciously styled’ starts with you. Style is entirely personal and we want to help you discover your true colour and style personality. Our consultations offer practical advice that you’ll be able to apply and enjoy for not only special occasions, but also everyday life.

We are pragmatic and understand that in modern reality, things are constantly evolving. We enjoy working with you to guide you throughout your colour journey. Even after the initial consultation, we are more than happy to hear from you and share further tips and advice to suit your changing lifestyle.