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Aug 28

Wallpaper feature walls

Want an amazing feature wall to add instant character to your interior?

A painted feature wall adds an interest focal point. But for those wanting extra ‘wow’ factor, wallpaper is the way to go.

Yes, wallpaper is back, but in a new, modern way, with improved design to make it easier to apply and remove. We love the modern wallpaper trends. So many designs to suit so many tastes!

So have a look around your space, and see if there is a feature wall just begging to be dressed up to add some character to your space!

Wallpaper 'Bold Damask - Moda' from Baresque

Wallpaper 'Bold Damask - Moda' from Baresque

Wallpaper Baresque Motif - Iridescence

Wallpaper 'Motif - Iridescence' from Baresque

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