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Wardrobe full but nothing to wear? Overhaul your style with one of our Colour, Style & Wardrobe refresh packages

We love helping real women all take a step towards looking their best every day.

Is your wardrobe full of clothes that you don’t wear? Do you often feel like you have nothing to wear?

Do you feel like you wear the same kind of outfits over and over again? Or that your outfits are a bit out-dated? Perhaps you’d like to be more confident wearing colours, but aren’t sure what colours look best on you? Or it’s all a bit overwhelming, so you tend to wear a lot of black… Each morning, what you decide to wear can influence your mood, and how others interact with you throughout your day. Why not treat yourself to our Colour + Style Discovery packages which will kick-start your signature style and make getting dressed quick, fun and rejuvenating! The compliments will start rolling in!

Book in for a Personal Colour / Style consultation to update your wardrobe

Gift vouchers available – a truly unique gift to treat for yourself or someone you love who could use a bit more happy colour in their life! An excellent Birthday or Christmas gift idea! Choose our most popular Colour + Style Discovery package and discover your best colours and styles. Feel gorgeous, dress deliciously, and live in style!

Feel gorgeous with  our Personal Colour + Style Discovery packages or gift vouchers!

Feel gorgeous with our Personal Colour + Style Discovery packages or gift vouchers!

Perhaps your lifestyle or body has changed, but your wardrobe hasn’t caught up. Then it’s time to get serious about overhauling your wardrobe de-clutter clothes that no longer suit you…Take back space for things that will make you look younger, successful, more confident and energetic! Our Complete Colour, Style & Wardrobe Refresh Package is designed as a friendly, fun and complete package of colour + style advice tailored for you, and will quickly help you to feel gorgeous and dress deliciously ever after…

Refresh your look, update your wardrobe and love what you wear!

Refresh your look, update your wardrobe and love what you wear!

“I enjoyed finding new colours to wear that I had not considered. Fantastic – thank you so much!” – (Personal colour client)

“Simmy was great at making me feel at ease on a topic that is not natural for me. I left our session feeling much more confident about the colours and styles I should look for” – Vicky (Personal colour + styling client).

“I was always afraid to go shopping and largely disinterested. Now I look forward to it and cannot wait to get started!”Chelsie (Personal colour client)

”Simmy knows her colours and this really comes across in the consultation. She has a wonderful, warm manner which immediately made me very comfortable in the session we had.”Belinda (Personal Colour, Styling and Shopping)

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Our trained Colour Stylist will guide you to look at your wardrobe and personal style in a new way, and you’ll start enjoying your new stylish looks sooner!

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